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Westside Voices

Community Involvement


In March 2016, DHM Research conducted an online survey of Westside Voices members in Washington County to learn more about community involvement and interests.

Overall, responses reflected satisfaction with and some level of engagement in their community.

Most respondents were active in their community through online surveys. More than half also volunteer for a local group or cause, and many attend public meetings and watch videos about their community.



Community Involvement

DHM Research, June 2016


Clean Water Services

Customer Awareness, Values and Satisfaction



Familiar with clean water services


favorable impression


Research and surveys were completed to assess customer awareness of local water quality, water resources management, and the role of Clean Water Services;  gauge customer awareness of and satisfaction with services; and determine customer values.

Customers from all areas of Washington County were surveyed including west, east and south areas of the county as well as unincorporated regions.

Data compiled by DHM Research.

One survey conducted June 28-July 11, 2016, polled 772 Clean Water Services customers took less than five minutes to complete. The other survey, conducted December 2, 2016-January 6, 2017, polled 739 Clean Water Services customers. Both were contacted via email through the Westside Voices online engagement tool.

Learn more about Clean Water Services.



Enjoy recreating in or along the Tualatin River


Prioritize planning for the future


Washington County

Transportation Services


In May of 2014, DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of 400 registered voters in Washington County and asked about possible transportation investments.

Similar to the results from the year before, respondents noted highest interest in road and high way maintenance followed by the use of technology to improve traffic flow and and reduce congestion. 

Learn more about Washington County and review survey results.


Importance of Possible Transportation Investments

DHM Research, May 2014


Clean Water Services

Stormwater, Fees and Financial


During June and July, 2014, DHM Research conducted an online survey of Westside Voices and Opt In members in Washington County to assess their awareness and satisfaction regarding the management of their community’s water resources. The survey found that a large majority of customers (82%) are aware of Clean Water Services and (65%) have a favorable opinion of the organization.

Learn more about Clean Water Services.

Customers were also asked, to the best of their knowledge, what happens to the water that enters their neighborhood or local storm drains or drainage ditches. A majority (53%) believe that the water is directed to the nearest river, stream or wetland, while two in 10 (22%) believe it is directed to the sewer treatment plant. Another two in 10 (22%) were unsure. It is notable that the percentage of people who are aware that stormwater is directed to the nearest river, stream or wetland has increased over the past several years (2006: 32%; 2010: 40%; 2012: 42%; 2014: 53%).


What happens to water that enters storm drains or ditches?

DHM Research, August 2014


Washington County Library Services

Use and Finances


In June and July 2014, DHM Research conducted an online survey of Westside Voices and Opt In members in Washington County. It noted support for local libraries as an informational source:

  • "Often I pick up information sheets from the library on community activities. That might be a good place to have information." — Female, 65+
  • "The library is a great place for people to get information on their community." — Female, 25-34
  • "Information disseminated through the local library, the local schools, and the local news channels are effective ways of getting information out to the public." — Female, 35- 54

In a June 2013 poll, 73% of just over 2000 participants said that their library does a good or excellent job of managing taxpayer dollars.

Learn more and review survey results.


How well do you think your Washington County library manages taxpayer dollars?

DHM Research, June 2013


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